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The Pulpit and Pen is a collaboration between several different writers, all coming from varied backgrounds with varied theological beliefs. While there is a broad consensus on many issues, each writer’s beliefs are expressly their own and may not be shared by other members. Still, the contributors remain united by the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with the over-arching mission to focus on the following topics

1) The Peddling of Heresy to the Church for Profit
2) Creeping Ecumenism
3) False Conversion / Easy Believism / “Sinner’s Prayer Mythodology”
4) Political Expediency in the Church
5) Degradation of pulpit / lack of Biblical preaching.

5-26-09a_sm Gene Clyatt is Pastor of Parkside Baptist Church in Superior, MT/  RefMT Board Member, and blogs at A Squirrel in Babylon.

unnamed Kofi Adu-Boahen is a member at GraceLife London in London, England and blogs at Fiery Logic.

 seth Seth Dunn is an accountant, a part-time college business instructor, and a seminary student at a Southern Baptist seminary.  Seth blogs at Seth Dunn, A Christian Worldview.

landon_300x300 Landon Chapman is an architect and Bible student living near Indianapolis, IN.  Landon blogs and hosts the FireAway! podcast weekly at

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JD Hall is a co-founder of Reformation Montana, author of a few books, dad, husband, and pastor. JD began Pulpit & Pen and writes here occasionally, as time permits and subjects interest him.

14 Comments on “Blog Contributors

  1. Would appreciate your contacting me … your essay on “treason” and gun control needs constructive criticism. I am a Ron Paul libertarian noted for understanding the Constitution, and what you have written is well-intentioned but misguided. I am giving a lecture tomorrow in a large city on constitutional topics, and my friend forwarded your essay to me. You are obviously an influential Christian but need to understand the Constitution better. You may also call at 907-776-5898.

      • JD, I am a retired Baptist state paper editor who is serving as pastor of a growing church in DeRidder, LA. I am not a Calvinist. Still, I amen your description of our present SBC hired staff. I would add our staff in Louisiana Baptist Convention, including Louisiana College. I wrote Dr. Paige expressing my frustration with the fundamentalist leadership who have been much better at seizing control of institutions than operating them. They refuse to reach out to any segment of the SBC constituency that does not march in lock step with them. Can we say insecure? Our 10-year-old church–which is now the 5th largest in our association of 57 church–stopped using SBC materials except the Bible book by book, or whatever its name might be. There is far better material. I wrote Lifeway when one of the present SBC stars (Catt) stated in his material that a church could not have revival if it did not hold the Bible as the inerrant, infallible, perfect word of God. Our church believes the Bible is inerrant if you let us choose which definition we use. We prefer to think the message of the Bible is inerrant. We certainly do not think the Bible is inerrant according to present SBC leaders and stars. They sure as heck aren’t gong to tell us what we have to believe to be part of a sick leadership group. I don’t want to be part of that group in any sense. So, all of this is to say, stay with it. A characteristic of a fundamentalists is the drive to ferret out anyone who disagrees with them. Personally, I am pleased to share some space under the tent for Calvinsts and premellianialists and fundamentalists, as long as they don’t tell me I have to agree with them to stay under the tent. God bless you and your church and your ministry!

  2. I affirm that Jordan Hall was on the staff of South Hoxie Community Church in Hoxie, Arkansas, during the year 2000. I am a first-hand witness to this.

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  6. I just started following your blog and read a few articles which I wanted to comment on (for example, the article on the worst book Lifeway sells), but for some reason I couldn’t see how to add a comment. How am I missing it? At least I found the option here, so maybe you can direct me. Looking forward to exploring your site further!

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  8. Very sad, that Christians that don’t agree 100% with your beliefs, you don’t think are Christians. The RCC probably follows the teachings of Jesus as depicted in the bible more closely than any other religion, but that doesn’t meet your definition of Christian? The arrogance is only matched by extremist like ISIS.
    Lou Lombardy

    • Actually, no. It is not because someone doesn’t agree with “100% of our beliefs” that we don’t think they’re a Christian. That’s reserved for those that disagree on a primary issue relating to the Gospel and the nature of salvation, chiefly a salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. So, of course, we do not believe Roman Catholics are saved. Just as the RCC anathematized us in the Council of Trent, likewise, we do not believe they are saved. There are some of us who still hold to our Confessions.

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