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JD Hall founded Pulpit & Pen, and blogged here by himself for several years before adding contributors. JD no longer regularly blogs at Pulpit & Pen (but still does occasionally) because of his commitment to the pastorate and other responsibilities such as running Voice in the Wilderness Radio, writing several new books, theological debates, and the Reformation Montana organization.

But the Pulpit & Pen still wants to highlight JD’s preaching ministry, which is his real passion in ministry.

You can listen to Pulpit audio from JD the following ways:

You can click the link below to subscribe to JD’s sermon audio on iTunes.


You can click the link below to subscribe to JD’s sermon audio at


5 Comments on “The Pulpit

  1. Yes–I understood that the gist of your message was the ‘pointlessness’ of the whole ice-bucket thing. But a lot of well-meaning people believe that the research supported by organizations such as ALS is aimed at finding cures. This is not really true. The research is conducted within a narrow scope of ‘patent-able’ & very profitable treatments. I personally feel that if Jesus appeared today on the sidewalk outside any oncology center in this country, and began healing cancer patients, He would be arrested & jailed within 30 minutes for practicing medicine without a license.

    Thanks for answering, and thanks for clarifying. I really enjoy your broadcasts.

    Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 19:16:18 +0000 To:

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