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The Pulpit & Pen Program can be downloaded from the following links. Hosted by JD Hall, the program covers topics of discernment, sermon audio and interviews.

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11 Comments on “The Program

  1. Hi, Regarding “the Bible is the mark of the beast” . I found it interesting that he uses terminology from the
    Bible, the Mark and the. Beast are found in the Bible not in man’s imagination.

    • Hi JD,

      You maybe interested: I thought I recognized the name “David Miller”. I found an e-mail exchange I had with him around January 14, after I responded to his article arguing (absurdly) that if we don’t know Ergun Caner personally, the scandal is none of our business. (I used Ephesians 5:11 to counter.) He blocked me from responding publicly to his blog then sent me an e-mail in which he accused me of various things, like thinking I’m inerrant and (seven times) accused me of making false accusations (without being able to prove it). I finally had to tell him directly to stop e-mailing me. He did so again anyway. So I had to tell him directly (copied below) that any further communication from him that wasn’t an expression of repentance would be reported as internet harassment. The irony is that he accuses others of cyber harassment when he was on the verge of doing so himself.

      to: Dave Miller, January 14, 2014
      “First, I told you not to write to me again unless you repent.. You’ve not repented and yet written to me again. You are harassing me and any further communication from you that is not for repentance will be reported as harassment.”

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  3. I am not very savvy on how to get my opinion out, so here it is here where I am not sure it will be heard. Legalizing gay marriage. No one is speaking on this as a religious legal issue but only as a moral issue. Even pastors, and it is driving me mad.

    Marriage is not matrimony, and this is the problem we are having in America. Matrimony contains marriage along with all the other forms of matrimony, including the Islamic and Hindu form of matrimony. They each have their own name, and definition found in their religious texts, just as Christians find marriage in the Bible.

    Marriage is the Christian form of matrimony and therefore the first amendment restricts the legislation of it’s definition, since it belongs to a religion. Can we focus on the religious protections from tyranny of the courts through their legislation in respect to religion and the repression of the free exercise and not so much on us forcing moral guidelines?

    Let the unbelievers have any form of matrimony they want, but lets protect our religious rights and force the point. This is a religious issue not a moral one. It is not morally wrong for gays to matrimony since they are not believers. Them being believers is a different subject all together.

    We must force the point of this being a religious protection issue or we will never even begin to win this fight. Marriage is a religious institution and does not perform the duties of matrimony, which is how our government is wrongly and unconstitutionally treating our religious doctrine.

    Once again. Marriage is a religious doctrine and con not be defined by the government, state or federal legislation. Why is no one stating this fact, and can someone please begin doing so. Some one with a voice that will be heard.

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